Instagram Pic Likes Top Tips

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The Best Tips and Hacks for Instagram Pic Likes

You’re probably wondering how I can take pictures like a pro. You don’t need to be a professional before you’re entitled to taking quality pictures; you don’t also need to own expensive equipment’s. What makes Instagram? A great picture, we all have the knowledge that while opening an Instagram account we need to upload pictures, make the account active and thrilling for viewers. It is important to buy auto Instagram likes though because it will help you in the long run.

I’ve made research and come up with few tips and hacks that will help take your Instagram pictures to the next level.


Some audiences are interested in the background of your Instagram picture, they want to know where the picture is been taken. If you choose your room as a background, make sure you tidy it up or you can make it spooky and weird, keep things around that would make the audience ask questions like what is behind you? This will make your audience more interested in your picture.

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What is the brand of your phone? How many megapixels?  Some phones have bad cameras making the picture quality low, although it depends on the kind of picture you want. You can use a digital camera, go for photo sessions, the quality of the picture is high and attractive.


Determine how you want your pictures to be, do you want it black and white, vintage or to be in an old school portrait. There are thousands of amazing Instagram filters waiting to be used, you can go raw if you want, be challenging and ready to explore different filters


Think of natural ways to take photos, use sunlight, moonlight. Give more sparks to your photos, visit places during the daytime. Instagram users tend to take pictures in every location and at any given point of time; you can use your pictures to tell stories in a continuous form. Sometimes being natural and authentic is good and helps your audience know you, you don’t need to edit all the time, you can take a picture hashtagging, #thisistherealme make it fun and lively, pictures tell a lot, it can tell your mood.


Take funky pictures, use your environment wisely, and choose the angle you want your pictures to be taken from. How do I change styles? You can be walking and taking pictures or tell a friend to take unexpected pictures of you.


View random pictures, sometimes it gives your ideas and inspiration on how next to take your photos.


This is a well know option for companies that need to have likes on all of their pics. Let’s face it you don’t want to work that hard on your Instagram pics only to find out there is no likes on them. If you buy Instagram auto likes than you can rest assured that all of your pics will have action! Auto likes will really make your page pop!